There are times when we have felt like we are lost in the crowd whereas there are people who shine. We feel like they have personality that is out of the world.
Here are few tips to that can help you shine in the crowd.

1. Stick to your individuality:

Your individuality is the only thing that will make you different from the rest. Wear what you want to, be who you want to be. Love your sense of  humor. Do not let go  of your kind nature, your sympathy just to fit in. Listen to your conscience, its voice is always right. You are wonderful just the way you are. Never lose your individuality for the sake of being excepted by others. Your flaws are what makes you "YOU" accept and cherish them.

2. Have opinions:

Every body has opinions. Some express it, some do not for the fear of being judged and they go with what the mass says. Ending up being just somebody. People who have opinion stands out from the crowd than the one without it. It shows that you have knowledge of what is being talked about. It shows that you are comfortable with yourself, aren't afraid of being judged or wrong. It makes you beautiful. Have courage stand for what you believe. Fight if you must.

3. Fragrance:

It will remind people of you. When your fragrance is different from the rest people subconsciously associate fragrance with people. Of your fragrance stands out so will you when people think of you with just your lingering fragrance. It is time to invest on a perfume that will be worth it.

4. Trends:

Trends change every now and then so people run after them. So it is more likely that you end up looking like the other.To prevent this you can use accessories that will enhance your clothes yet make you stand out. You can even chose your signature items for example a classy watch, designed ring and a traditional neck piece.

5. Gestures:

People tend to remember how you made them feel for a longer period than what you said. The gestures that you chose when you talk to the people will make them remember you. Little things like remembering their names, shaking hands when you meet, saying that the pleasure was your to meet them or simply looking in their eye when they talk to you. When you socialize more people will want to talk to you . The limelight is on you.

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