Your bedroom has a huge effect on you. You spend most of your time in it.You sleep there. Its the first place you see when you wake . Its your safe place.Your escape. So why not add a little more energy to perk you up by rearranging your stuffs.

 1. Bed: 

The position of bed can effect the vibe of the room. The position of bed shouldn't be directly opposite to the door. It shouldn't face any mirrors. So you can either put your bed on the same wall as the door or diagonally across. This will add the right energy in you room. Choose the color of the bed sheets to match the room's color. That will make your room look bigger.

2. Furniture:

Do not keep your mirror opposite of the door or your bed this will decrease the positive vibe by stopping the good energy to flow. You can put your furniture on the same wall as your bed. Try to fit your furniture into all the corners. This will help the positive vibe grow. Place your table in the position that does not face the window you cannot afford to be distracted while working.

3. The door:

You do not want people to cringe when they enter your room because of the bad condition of the door, right. Its time you invest your efforts on making the gateway to your heaven a worthy one. Get a new coat of paint. Engage your creativity make something unique for people it see before entering your room.

4. Clear what is useless:

What is the use of keeping things that are no longer in use or clothes that do not fit taking up the space that you can use for new stuffs. Get a proper place for things you own. Cut the clutter. Donate things that are no longer in use it will be useful to others. You can even chose to sell if your items are in good conditions. Make place for the new stuff. Have a very neat desk to work on. Remove things that you do not need from the desk.

5. Decoration: 

Let your room define the kind of person you are. Take away pictures that have bad memories associated with them. Let your creativity shine. Decorate your walls with recent pictures of good times. Do not forget your curtains.Choose a color that matches with your room, your bed sheets  and cushions. You can contrast the colors as you like it but make sure things look in place not out of it.

6. Plants:

Now that your room is clam and its energy balanced but you can add little more energy from rounded leaf potted plants that gives away  just as required amount of energy not more not less. This will help you brighten your mood as plants are great source of energy. Always keep the plant near the open window at night.


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Unknown said…
Nice one... so true 😁
Lochana Sharma said…
Thank you. Do keep reading.
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