Breakup is a phase that shatters everything in ones life. The plans that you made. The promises that you said. The love that you created all vanishes. You become known strangers. You look at the mirror and see a different "YOU" looking back. Someone whom you do not know. But this is not the end. This is the beginning. Beginning to be better you. The more cuts the diamond has the costlier it is. So your set backs are to make you more valuable. Here are some tips that will help you overcome your breakup or help a friend who broke up.

1. Block them:

Yes you got me right if you cannot show them you are happy at the current moment the best way to stop sulking is by blocking them in social sites, your phone e.t.c . If you can show them that you are happy then its well and good, you need not block them simply unfollowing would work. You do not want to keep looking at their profile with some other person whom they said you not to worry about will only drag you down.

2. Reignite:

Reignite your lost hobbies, your passion, your old dreams which got lost when you were in a relationship. Help yourself grow. Your wings were strong, they are still strong fly and soar like you use to. If you are unable to do anything at least try and read a book.

3. Improve:  

Yes, this is time that you have for yourself. No one is going to drag you down. No one is going to be an excuse you have to put that effort into yourself. Keep yourself busy. The busier you are the less you will think of the breakup. 

4. Cry:

Cry your heart out but we will do this only once. We are letting go of the bird if it was truly yours it will come back. If not it never was yours. It would have left you any way. The sooner the better. You can cry when you get emotional but never in front of them. You have your self respect save it. Even if you got back together they will learn to respect you more

5. Treat yourself well:

You have gone through enough already. Now it is time to treat yourself well. Go on a shopping spree, buy  things that will make you feel good. Treat yourself with good food either by cooking if you do not know how there are mediums like YouTube to help you or by ordering. Drink sugar tea, eat ice-creams that will increase the sugar rush and keep you away from feeling too low. Makeup always helps, lets buy some new products.

 6. Do not stay alone:

Try not to stay alone. When you stay alone you tend to think of the things that went wrong and sulk rather go to the parties you are invited. Have a get together with your family and friends. Catch up with your friends. Renew friendships and create some.

7. Own a pet:

 Having someone to shower your love will keep you busy and you will forget about the breakup sooner. Go for younger ones so that you will invest time teaching them habits, tricks and behavior. Own a pet to have a  real company.

8. Do not rush into another relationship:

Do not rush into another relationship until you have healed properly and moved on. When you rush into another relationship right after your breakup and if this isn't the reason you broke up then you will end up hurting yourself more and the other person too. You will unknowingly compare them, think of things they did for you, miss them, get hurt and cry. Therefore to prevent all this you should give yourself the time to heal and love the other in a right way.

9. It will be fine one day:

People go through breakups and come out stronger. It is because a day will come when it will no longer hurt you. It will no longer matter. They will just be a chapter in your story. You will be happy that it ended then as you had the strength to face it. Not when you were broken, down and needed them to be there.

10. Subscribe to positive quotation on life:

Positive thoughts will keep you happy. Make an effort to subscribe to some good and positive quotation on life from google, in Instagram, Facebook e.t.c .

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