People live in the past so much that they keep ruining their present. Past holds a certain power to keep a person from moving on. This power is actually given by the person who tries to live in the past. Here are a few tips that will help you move on.

1. Make peace with your past:

Everybody does make some mistakes at least once in their life time. A very big mistakes that changes ones life. Everybody has lived through horror, deaths, breakups . It is not only you who has suffered, who blundered . We all have that part of our life which we do not like. Which on given a chance we would go back and change but we cannot. So make peace with it. You would do exactly the same thing under given situation even if you ever get a chance to revisit your past. If you are really emotionally drained then getting a professional help is must. Talking to friends, keeping a diary always helps. The faster you understand and accept your past the faster you are on your path to move forward.

2. Plan for future:
Once we make peace with our past we should make sure not to visit it by planning ahead. Make plans for your future. Make some short term to do list. Plan something for the end of a weekend to have something to look forward to. We did what we did but do not go on ruining the chances of having wonderful memories because of the past.

3. Love:

It doesn't have to be human if you have gone through something bad. consider a pet . Own one. Put your efforts towards it. Learn new things for it. Love your self.If you find a human too do not be afraid because of your past. Your past was a lesson. You can prevent wrong things from happening. Your past made you mature, strong and independent.

4. Stick to positivity:
Start your day with a positive thought.Think this day is the first blank paper of your notebook. How you want to fill it is up to you. Solve all your fights, confusion before going to bed so that you do not wake up with the burden of yesterday. If you feel like you are slipping to your past say loudly No, not now not ever again. Its a fresh day a fresh start.

5. Use positive thoughts:

Thoughts are beyond our control. They keep wandering from one thing to another but we can cheat by giving it a place to stay. Read aloud good, positive quotes for example "There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness-Josh Billings." "I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do- R.A Heinlein"  you can subscribe to good quotation page.

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