We keep blaming our fate when we realize that in-spite of the effort we put into our relationship we are betrayed by our partner. They end up cheating on us.Why do they cheat? It can be because of lack of intimacy. Lack of emotional support. Being taken granted of. Loss of effort from both side. Loss of spark. Loss of communication. Third person influencing your partner. Finding comfort somewhere else. Having the feel to conquer new thing. Many such factors can add up that can led to the downfall of your relation.Sometimes one doesn't want to let go of the existing relation nor the extra affair that he or she is having. It is because they are too comfortable in the existing relation and benefiting in one way or the other. They are selfish enough to only think about themselves. Here are a few tips to find out if your partner is cheating on you.

1. Phone:

Their phone is always on silent mode when you are around. They do not leave phone any where near you. They have passwords that you do not know. They will either keep all the records extra clean. Their call logs, their messaging apps, their social sites will be locked. They change password very often.

2. Their whereabouts: 

They will be very secretive about their whereabouts. They will always have some urgent work to do. They ignore your calls and make an excuse later on.You never know where the person is. If they some how get caught they know a real good story that will make you believe.

3. They put the blame on you:

When you try to talk or question them they get angry or start crying saying "you are way to possessive, controlling  you do not trust" e.t.c . They talk about personal space being hacked by you. When you know it isn't that way. You are made to feel like you did wrong by not trusting them

4. You hardly know their friends/family:

They will try their best to keep you away from their friends or family. It is always like they have new friends they talk about and tell you how they were in trouble and need their help. Their friends and family will know about their relation so if they are cheating on you that means they aren't looking for the relation to end in a marriage so there is no point to introduce you or not introducing would also be a way to keep you away from knowing their true nature.

5. Intuition:

Always trust your intuition. You always feel it even before you think that the person is cheating on you. When you feel off about something trust yourself it really is off. You wouldn't feel it just like that there is something wrong with the vibe that hits your conscience to make you realize.

Look for it in your relationship and do what is best. You can forgive them and strengthen your relation by putting more effort or you can walk away with your head held high.


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Keep up the good work
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