Have you wondered how some people look so good even when they are just wearing something casual and how some look so gross even when they wear good clothes.
Here are a few tips that will help you look good instantly.

1. Wear clothes that fits you:

Baggy clothes may be in fashion but what makes you look good always is the clothes that fits you shoulder to shoulder.Well fitting clothes enhances your personality. Check all the buttons. Sew if one of them has fallen. Remove any extra threads that are coming out of the clothes. The clothes that you are comfortable in will make you look good. 

2. Wear clothes that are well ironed:

Clothes that are well ironed makes you look good. Always make it a point to iron your clothes before wearing it. Well ironed clothes pass a good impression about you to others as compared to clothes that aren't.

3. Manage your hair:

Unruly hair sometimes do look good but not always. You do not want others to look at you and see someone who directly came out of his bed. Always have a comb, handy.Comb your hair. Keep it  clean. Oil it or use hair cream according to your choice.

4. Keep your shoe clean:

Most of the people you meet will look at your shoe even before you shake hands.They are your first impression a person can get about you. Wear shoes that are comfortable. It will boost your confidence. Polish your shoe before leaving your room. A well maintain shoe will not only run longer but also will improve your personality.

5. Hygiene:

If you do not want people to cringe every time they are near you. Put on a deodorant and change your socks often. Know how you want to smell and buy perfumes and deodorant accordingly. Keep your teeth clean. It will help you smile confidently and make you look good in an instant.  

6. A watch:

If you have a watch that defines you, well and good if not its high time you invest on a good watch. This accessory never goes out of style.

7. Posture:

No matter how expensive clothes you wear if your posture isn't good you wont look good. Always have your back straight. Do not slouch when you sit. Carry what you wear with confidence

8. Keep your lips healthy:

Yes a small amount of petroleum jelly can create wonder. No body looks good with chapped lips. Always keep your lips looking good.

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