Travelling is always fun. Travelling alone can be a challenging experience.
If this is there in your to do list or you are obliged to here are a few tips to help your solo travel very interesting.

1. A Room:

If you are visiting your relatives you save yourself from all the problems of booking a room but if you aren't going to relatives place or you like to stay alone you can book a room. Booking it prior save you all the hassle of searching hotels when you reach your destination.
Now a days you have so many online sites for example', e.t.c that help you with the prior reservation of the room in a hotel.
You can check its rate with other sites and pay. If you are lucky you will also get some offers for the room. Do not change your hotel if you are staying in the same place as this will help you feel comfortable and enjoy your stay with familiar faces.

2. Carry an updated phone:

A girl looking at her map on her phone
Phone will not only help you make contacts with your family but also save you from many other problems for example you can avoid looking like a tourist by looking at your phone's map rather then a paper map. It will be useful as flashlight. You can pay from your phone and not to mention the thousands of pictures that you will click and many more things. Carry an extra charged battery in case you do not find a charging place before  reaching your destination.

3. Share your departure and arrival's timing:

Share your timings with your family or friend so that they know when to call you up. If you are taking a flight share a copy of your ticket so that they know where you reached and when to call you. Other modes of travel usually allows you to pick up your calls but when they know the timings they can call you when u leave and when you reach for satisfaction.

4. Dress:

A traveler
If you do not want to drag attention then wear the kind of dress the local people wear. This will help you avoid any problems or theft. Do not wear flashy ornaments, heavy jewelry when travelling.

5. Money:

Never show anyone the amount you are carrying. Even if you are to pay always have extra money else where. That way you do not seek attention. Carry two wallets, one with money you do not need immediately and another with low cash for your temporary transactions.

6. Watch after yourself:


You never know who is a thief. Try to avoid attention. Keep close watch of your belongings. Always know that people who try to do mistakes and apologize for long tend to have friends who are on line of stealing your things while other is keeping you occupied.

7. Do not sleep:

A sleeping passenger
Sleeping is a big no no if you are travelling by bus or train unless you have less luggage to look after. You can tie some of your luggage to the seat and use some as a pillow too. Try not to fall asleep. If you are travelling for a few nights you should learn to be a light sleeper or you can book your ticket in A.C section that has  less passengers in it.

8. Stay informed:

A traveler
Stay informed of the customs of the place you are visiting. It will be different then yours. Know some phrases if you are travelling to a place with different language. Know the places you are going to stop before your final destination. Know something about the place, the best location of that place, about the hotel you are staying and types of food you are eating you might be allergic to some.

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