We make notes to ensure that we understood what we read or heard and to be able to keep it in mind. Making notes is always useful for revision so that we do not have to go through all our texts again. Here are few points that may help you prepare notes easily and to remember them for longer time.

1. Be precise.

Do not copy all that is there on the book. You have to summarize it. First read it thoroughly and write down what you understood in your own words. Make note of only those things that are useful for example names, dates, location e.t.c. when you are hearing a lecture and making notes you can write down the key points, theories, authors and context but not the examples that was given to make you understand the text.

2. Headings:
Using heading is one of the best way of taking notes. Heading will give you clear ideas about your notes as well as help you find where you have written the important things.

3. Write readable notes:

When we are writing notes if its written in bad hand writing and isn't readable it will be of little use. So when writing notes we have to do it cleanly, in understandable manner. When you are taking notes and you feel like there is more to add always leave space before starting another. This way your notes about a topic will be in same place.

4. Always re-read your notes:

This will help you understand your notes more clearly as you wrote it from what you were able to understand. Reading this way will help you deepen your understanding when you actually write it for your exams.

5. Make your own notes:

Always make your own notes because the other from whom you shall copy will not understand as you would. When you copy from them you usually make mistakes and you might actually read wrong and write wrong. So better then copying for the lecture you missed you can tell your friend to narrate it to you this way you will make less mistakes . Also try to make your own notes from what you understood from your friend's notes.

You can also use different colors for different  topics to make your notes fun to read.

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