When I say a woman shouldn't do such things I do not mean to a part of a patriarchal society who imposes a lot of restrictions on a woman. Trust me even I believe that woman should have right to do everything that she thinks she can do. Here are a few things that a woman should stop doing for a better life.
 1. Stop putting another woman down:

It is high time that we realise that we cannot reach a higher position by putting another woman down. You may feel good for a while but the guilt will stay as long as you can remember. How you treat a person actually shows how you are rather than how they are.

2. Ditching friends for boyfriend:

A common mistake, a woman tends to make. Never let go off your friends. In order to have a good relationship, a relationship that runs long you should know that you both need a life apart from each other's company. You do not want to left feeling lonely when he goes out with his boys and is busy to call you or guilty of always clinging on him. Have friends who support you in your thick and thin.

3. Bitching about your girlfriend:

Trust me you do not want to have such friends who aren't trustworthy at you back. Most women tend to do so and break ages of friendship. Now a days friendships are also formed on a basis of having a same person to dislike and you go hour and hour trying to break that woman's image. What do you get? Mere satisfaction. But remember there are more people who have already thought of you as a wrong person rather than the one who you were talking about. She is the best person to go to a conversation if you aren't satisfied with something rather than the whole world. She will respect you more.

4. Compromising too much

It is ok to compromise a little and adjust but when you compromise to an extent you do not remember what you are worth of
. It is indeed time to walk away of the relation, the friendship, the engagement or your marriage. Always know that it is not a good relation when you are always at the compromising end. Always know what worth you are and respect it.

5. Not staying true to your words:

It is ok to change mind as often as one does but once you say something stay true to it. Fulfill  the little promises you make to your siblings, to your friend. Be there if you said you will. Speak less if you cannot stay true to what you say. Mean what you  say. Let people respect you for what you say. Value your own words.


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