Sometimes we are attracted to a person whom we do not even know. Have you come over with such experiences or situations where you dislike somebody with no particular reason. It is because of their personality. You will certainly not be attracted to someone who is cold with his words, who carries negative vibes around him. Someone with positive vibes attract more people. So here are some tips to help you improve your personality. This will help you in short as well as long run. 

1. Appearance:

No, you cannot change the shape of your face without external procedures but you can always have a clean face, sweet breath, clean teeth and a happy expression. The best expression one can have is a smile. It passes on a friendly vibes. You cannot afford to buy new clothes every time you head out of your house but you can at least wear clean, ironed, and presentable clothes. You can wear your old clothes by making it fitting to your body. They should have all the buttons, all the bubbles removed and well ironed. Always make sure that you are clean as well as you smell good.

2. Health:

Healthy people always have optimistic approach to every thing leading to a happy environment resulting in many friends whereas the one who is always ill tends to be more pessimistic and dulls all the energy around him. Illness leads to reduction in vitality to perform and thus creates the pessimistic environment. Thus it is necessary to take care of ones health. By inculcating good habits such as exercise, drinking enough water and eating balanced diet.

3. Speech:

It is always necessary to make sure you aren't too loud or too low than the required speech sound. You cannot scream when you are having a date or speak low when presenting to hundreds of audience. You do not like someone who always speaks on top of their voice or someone whom you have problems in hearing them. So always manage your speech level according to the requirement of the situation.

4. Interests:

If you are a person who has a few interests and you keep talking about them every time you meet them than you tend to bore them easily and they will keep avoiding you or like wise you tend to avoid the above mentioned kind of people. So it is always necessary to have many interest that can help you keep up with any kind of conversation without making them bored. Reading a newspaper always keeps you updated.

5. Vibes:

There are basically two types of vibes, positive and negative. Some people have a positive outlook on life like they are glad that there is a cat to lick the spilled milk rather than the ones who keep complaining about the spilled milk for a whole day as well as blame someone for it and ruin their day too. You do not want to be around the second kind of people. Nor would anyone if it were you. But positive outlook does not mean pretending that life is easy or that problems do not exist but having a habit of looking for the solution, making the solution work. People with positive attitude gets things done. On the other hand people with negative vibes stay there and continue complaining for as long as they can.

6: Ability to appreciate:

People who tend to look for faults always remain without friends whereas people are attracted to those who help them look for their own good points and appreciate them for who they are and what they did. The feeling if  being appreciated is always liked. You need to be more aware of the people, show interest in their lives without being nosy. You cannot be interesting if you aren't interested. 
Hope this will help you improve your personality as well as be a better human. As a final tip I would like to add that people with a sense of humour are always liked. But do not offend people by telling jokes about them.


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Unknown said…
Nicely said... ur a grt writer
Lochana Sharma said…
Thankyou. Please do keep reading.
Jyotika said…
Awesome posts!!loved Reading!!pl.
keep posting
Jyotika said…
Awesome posts!!loved Reading!!pl.
keep posting
Lochana Sharma said…
Thankyou. Please keep reading.
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