Life is itself an opportunity that we have. Every day you wake up there are people taking their final breath yet we never realize the value of this gift until it is too late and we are left with regrets. grab this opportunity and make most of it. Look forward to make your day most fulfilled and satisfying one. Do things that makes you happy. Stuck in a boring lifestyle? Actually nothing is as boring as you make it to be. Always have that curiosity in you that will make everything fun. You learn new things from everything you thought was boring. Here are actually a few things that you should do once in a life. Doing so not only gives you a thing to look forward to but also help you be excited about it. 

1. Travel alone:

Yes, what I mean by travel alone isn't just take a bus, a plane or a train alone. I actually mean is go to a new place or as many as you want on your own. Take all the actions required on your own. Book a hotel, take a cab, roam around. At least once in your lifetime do it on your own, be your own companion, enjoy your own company. Learn how to manage things on your own. Your money, learn how to invest and where to when you are travelling so that you do not end up broke. This will help you have confidence over other matters too. Be careful while choosing your destination if you are travelling alone for the first time. States like Sikkim should be in your bucket list for the first timers.

2. Watch the sunrise and sunset:

You do not have to be on a beach to enjoy these natural phenomena. They occur everyday. So take your time out of the busy schedule, grab a cup of your favourite coffee and enjoy the sunset from your own terrace if it is visible or make a little effort to capture it. When I say capture it I do not mean from your camera rather from your eyes and get drenched on the joy of it. As for the morning sunrise you need to wake up early than the sun. Know what timings do the sun rise at your locality and try to wake up because this is one of the satisfying thing you shouldn't miss in your life.
3. Enjoy the rain:

It is time you get yourself wet. It is much satisfying when you have a friend to enjoy with. Trust me such moments will be remembered forever. Even if you do not want to get wet. Try catching the raindrops. The sensation can actually not be put into words. So either you enjoy the weather with a warm beverage or be part of it the next time when you actually do not have an umbrella. Instead of staying back and waiting for rain to stop. Have a little ball with the rain.

4. Ride or drive:

Nothing can beat your blues as easily as the long ride or a drive. So learn to either ride or drive so that you can go anywhere you want to without actually waiting for anything. 

5. Race:

Race at least once. May be just a race where you run, a marathon or a car race.
You win or you lose but do not give up. Reach the finishing line and be proud of yourself. You can have  friendly race with your friends as you did when you were kids. It will be fun.

6. Bungee jumping:

No matter how scary it sounds it is definitely one of the things that you must try. Nothing beats the feeling of it.

7. Cook:

We daily cook our meals three times a day but you can always create new things. Do not be afraid to try new combination. Try cooking something that you always order on your visits to restaurants. Do not just settle for anything that comes on your table. Try out the hidden chef in you.

8. Watch a movie alone:

Have you cancelled your plans for the movies because your friends backed out?
Next time that happens do not be afraid to try it on your own. This will not only give you your time with yourself but also take away the fear of being alone. It is time you go on a movie date with yourself.

9. Hiking/trekking:

Do not miss out on this adventurous thing. Gather your friends and plan for a hike doesn't matter if it is just  nearby destination or a far one as long as you are doing it. This is the best time one can have if he/she is a nature lover. Here you actually become part of Nature.

10. Gardening:

Time to get your hands dirty. Sow some flowers, water them, provide the proper manure. Planting or gardening actually help you in keeping patience, gives you joy when you see your hard work blossom.

11. Own a pet:

This is a actually a must do thing in your life. Owning a pet will not only help you be more responsible but also help you keep happy most of the time. 

12. Visit an old age home or an orphanage:

Not all people are as lucky as you are. Show some love to them. Visit them often and make them feel loved. When you give you get happiness in return.

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