Do you make resolution and often forget it. Or are your resolution so out of reach, something totally out of your imagination. Do not worry we all are like you. We have resolution that we never fulfill. We often keep it aside after a few tries. Resolution in simple words just mean a strong will to do things we plan. Yet we lose this will as days move on. It is because our plans are just beyond our level to reach them. So it is necessary to have resolution that are realistic. Here are a few resolution that you should take this year.

1. Improve yourself:

Start with short term goals if you are someone who cannot stick to long term goals. Every day take a small step to improve yourself. Start with waking up early. Have a glass of water. Exercise. Have positive outlook for your day. Be glad. Praise others as well as self. Sleep on time. Stop comparing yourself. Live happily. Take charge. Stop blaming others. Be useful to self as well as to Nature. Realise it is time we put an effort to save Nature.

2. Walk:

This year take a resolution to walk and stay fit. If the distance is short try to give up the urge to board a vehicle. This will help you have some good time with yourself, if you are alone or increase the bond of your friendship if you have friends to walk with. 

3. Family time:

You may be close with your family or staying away. The modern technology has created a gap between us as well as brought us together. But this year make a resolution at least to put aside this technologies and have a good and quality time with your family members. You will see that you missed out on many things.

4. Stray animals:

If you can pet a stray animal. You will actually help the unloved one. But if you cannot pet them at least make an effort to feed them once a week. Trust me this will make your entire week blissful and happy.

5. Bucket list:

Go ahead make a bucket list of things that you want to do. Keep it realistic. And count how many ticks you get by the end of the year. Having a bucket list actually gives you things to look forward to.

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