Hello everyone. I am so happy as I write my today's post because now my blog has been listed in TOP 100 RELATIONSHIP BLOGS in Feedspot  I owe it all to you, my Jabberspoint family. My this post is especially dedicated to my students. For they have been a reason I got inspired for this post. So it was just yesterday we had a class meeting along with our Chairman Sir and what I found out was my little ones were running out of ideas as the lockdown keeps on extending. Everybody could relate to that so here are a few ideas that could help you pass you time in a fruitful way.

1. Learn the basics:

Yes, when I say basics I mean something that will help you survive if you were caught up in a worst case, ( I pray this never happens) where you were the one who everybody was dependent on. At least know how to cook a proper meal. In the time of crisis like this we all know food shortage would hit many people in a hard way today let's learn how we can grow our own food. Here is a link to the video that has inspired me a lot. Let's get our hands dirty for a good cause. Learn how you can utilise water in different ways maybe even reusing it. Once you learn it teach your family members too. Well, you can create so many technics or maybe even gadgets to help you conserve water. 

2. Let's design:

Well everybody is together at home, what better time than this to colour the house or your room. If this is too much for you, you definitely can go ahead with painting your doors and window panes. Or may be redesign how your room looks, make the changes that are needed. If this is too much to begin with let's give a new look to our old shoes. Let's get creative. Or let's take our work of art and get it digitalised, let's learn art in a new way. Here is another idea too you can try designing clothes even if it is just in a paper. Trust me starting is always hard but once you do half a battle is won already.

No, you don't have to read these. Just play it like a song and listen. This is a shortcut for completing books and stories in an easy way. You can utilise this time by listening to great talks by people, great books by amazing authors, get to know the stories that was written by authors of our state, and our country and how they vary with the stories written by authors of other countries. A well informed person is what we lack in our society these days make sure you are different from that herd.

4. Games:

I bet this will be your favourite part. I know many of you are already so deep into PubG I am sure you can start your own blog or vlog about it. By now I bet you know everything about it. For those who do not think this game is their type I highly recommend you to play games that will enhance your mind. Lumosity is one of my favourite as it is a helps me train my brain and improve my mental fitness. Good part is one can sign up for a free or can choose to subscribe. It helps me keep track of my results. Sudoko, Crosswords, Wordgames you will find plenty of these in Playstore. Just make sure to have it downloaded from an authentic site and do not purchase anything without the guidance of an elder on if you have to. You can also download apps like Mirakee, Lunadiary these platforms give you a place to express yourself. The beauty is that when we are comfortable about expressing we understand ourselves and everyone around a little better.

5. Collab:

You have an amazing friend circle. You can do the covers of good songs, be it by singing and playing the instrument or a dance. You know we only are as far as our mind wants us to think. You can get connected through many social sites these days. Record a video and Collab with your friends. You can also create content and share your views about the lockdown. I am definitely waiting for that now.

6. Be a Grammar police:

Well, if you are tired of being corrected by the so called Grammar police you can be yourself one. All you need to do is get your basics clear. Once you start reading it trust me you will yourself want to know more about it.

7. Master a skill:

I am not telling you which skill but this is a right time to start doing that. If it is any instruments or a new language or some courses get some help from YouTube, Google or a friend who knows it. You have plenty of apps that can help you with this as well.

 8. Be an influencer:

This will take a lot, you really have to make people look up to you. For that you need to have something that you can share with your crowd. Maybe you are good at cooking, or maybe you have great ideas and designs for the room, maybe you have great photography skills to share, or daily hacks that you think no one knows, maybe the school notes you have made is worth sharing, or your ideas of conserving our nature. I can go on and on. Trust me just a few of us are God gifted rest we all start from the basic and don't give up until we reach where we want to.
9. Review:

You can learn how one can review the story or the books that one has read. Or you can do that with different eras paintings, or songs, about lyrics and share them.

10. Train a pet:

If you have one, teach you pet so cool tricks. If not let's first start with feeding the strays and teach them. You wouldn't believe me if I said I trained my Cat and he made people wonder but sadly I lost him couple of years ago. Here I hope thisYouTube link help you a little.

Let me know how many of these are you going to try.


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