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Since the lockdown I bet everybody is having a hard time managing their time table. Suddenly our day begins as 9 in the morning and ends real late or almost in an early morning. I couldn't run away from this myself. Having to take online classes at 10 and not being able to wake up till 9 was only adding more to my problem. So one day, I really felt that I had to break the circle but didn't know how to. That particular day I decided even if it was a small step I am taking it and within less than a week I started seeing huge difference in me. So rearranging my routine during the lockdown stage 5 has helped me Here are the little changes I made I hope this will motivate you to make the changes you were looking forward to make.

1. Went to bed early:

If you are my close friend I know you would laugh at me when I would say this because I definitely am an night owl but yes I, not only started going to bed early I started waking up early as well. To be honest it wasn't magic. It wasn't like I went to bed and fell asleep instantly, it did take me a few days. But it wasn't as hard as starting to go to bed early and what was even more harder was waking up early for a few days. I did press the snooze button but I had made up my mind that I will be out of my bed after that so eventually I did. You will have to put your will power to test. this is your battle with yourself.

2. Kept a time for phone:

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A total no no, from screen time till 8 from the time I wake up and started with 5 minutes which has reached 30 minutes before going to bed as well. Well, how has it helped me? I feel like I own the phone now rather than the phone owning me. I am no longer cuffed down with the less number of likes on my previous post, or I don't ruin my day with a sad news or an update that brought out my fears. I actually could  build my emotional health in order to face every thing the day was bringing forth and honestly I never excelled better. I am more clam and composed as I invested the early morning hours to do something I love, which eventually made me happier through out the day. Also I started making affirmations before going to bed and also when you want to wake up early it works wonder when you make it a point to say that 'tomorrow I am waking up early'. It some how acts like a biological Alarm.

3. Me time:

Now that we are at home, probably rocking our p.js everyone can think we have all the time for ourselves, or at least I thought that to myself. Of course getting ready for work hasn't been as easier as this. I bet I am not the only one who get ready or should I say it in my words 'Half ready'. Maybe sleeping more than we were or even eating more than we were. But this isn't what meant by me time. I am talking about introspecting oneself. Sitting back and wanting to know more about yourself. Are we all guilty of saying this is how I am and not having an answer why? This morning time when I was yet to start with worrying about what, how, when and everything else I started going back, and when I say back it isn't because I want to stay there but to take a higher leap forward. I can see such a positive change in me when I realized a few answers to the question 'why'.
At-least now I won't come forward with an excuse stating 'This is how I am'.

4. I was breathing:

Of course I did that since the day I first cried but I never had time to actually feel it. To actually be grateful for the life I had. Once I started waking up early I felt like I had all the time in the world. I wasn't running. I could feel the breathe that I took in, I am at peace. I started having my morning tea, either watching the raindrops or soaking myself in the sun. once I started being and observer I could feel that the chaos was on the outside my mind was actually calm. I realized that my thoughts were just a passers-by but I forced them to stay and create havoc in me. My thoughts were just a thought and I could change it that very instant.

5. I am happier than I was:

From that early morning tea in leisure to having my favorite breakfast without rush. Getting Half ready; only the upper portion because that is visible on the camera as you teach. But this feeling was beautiful I had the time to choose the color of lipstick I wanted, I could sit back and prepare what I wanted to teach. When you are emotionally stable and physically in sound health you are happier and can adjust with so many situations throughout the day. Rather than waking up tired, because you slept late, hungry because you couldn't eat well, irritated because that is how you started your day, lack of interest because you are trying to complete everything and multi-tasking isn't your mind's way. Sad because you started your day with someone forcing you to wake up. I realized. I hope you too will realise that our emotional health is as important as your physical health. When you get to see the positive difference in you, you will not regret your new arrangement of the day in your life.

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