In the changing time let's not change our values. Everything around does seem senseless let's not be senseless ourselves. This is a period of time when people have to be aware not afraid. There is a fear that has crept into everyone's consciousness and one cannot be blamed for that as well. We are feeding our minds with a pinch of fear with the coffee we take, a spoonful of fear with the food we eat, a fistful of fear with medicine we take and we call it natural. Fear is created and it spreads. Isn't it true that everybody wants to be safe but somehow trying to be safe we have ended up forgetting that people aren't viruses. Everybody who has a travel history or has been out of the quarantine isn't a virus either. Here are a few things we really need to understand if we haven't forgotten that we are educated.

1. The people who have had traveled and been into quarantine has already suffered enough.

2. They traveled back because this is their home. Everybody thinks of home even when the weather gets little upset here the whole planet was upset why wouldn't one want to come back home?

3. Have you been sick and alone? It definitely isn't a good idea right so isn't it fare that our people are back at home, somewhere where their parents can see, where they feel like they aren't an outsider, where they feel like they belong?

4. Can we wear their shoe for a while? The fear that they have had of risking their own life or risking someone's else has been a constant. 

5. If you can please don't pass on the negativity. Owing to the constant fear and being treated as a victim it won't take long for them to be depressed.

6. If it is your family member be strong enough to make them aware that they aren't the viruses, rather they are precious which is why you want them safe. Make your you provide them with proper guidance. Make sure you are there to hear them out. Don't come back with 'what people are saying behind your back' kind of stuff. Talking to a psychologist could be of great help.

7. If a neighbour, if you see them don't panic and run like you've seen a ghost. Your smile may be the first one they are seeing for the first time in weeks. Give them that strength. Maintenance of social distancing is OK but social discriminating isn't. You know you neighbour is in need of moral support. They are in fear of losing a child, a partner, a parent or someone very dear. They won't say it out loud but their smile has a pain in it. Don't discriminate them just because a member came back from the quarantine.

8. Friends on social media, just make sure to send them some positive thoughts or upload some positive quotes yourself. Social media isn't the right place to raise concern, or file complaint, if you think what is being done is wrong bring the problem to the notice of the right authority. This way your solution will finds its way to you faster. Do not share the information if you don't know it is correct. Wait for the right sources for the information. 

9. Prevention is better than cure, take care of your own health first, keep your locality clean. Don't just think about yourself, be aware of the people who clean after you think you are done with cleaning, the GMC members. Make it a bit easier for them by segregating your waste. Make people in and around you aware about the same.

10. Let's preserve Humanity. Going out and giving to those who can afford isn't helping a lot. Feed the stray dogs, keep a bowl of water for them. Don't stop those helping hand from going forward. There are many ways you can do that without even letting the other person know you have helped them. 
Last but not the least, if you cannot do anything for someone at least send them good thoughts, thoughts of good health rather than the negative ones.

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